Registration Fee

  • Initial registration deposit of $1000 (due one week after team selection) and final deposit of $955 (due date March 15th) are required to be paid with either certified cheque, money order, or by etransfer to
  • The registration fee includes entry into the race, race t-shirt, entrance permit to Cape Breton Highlands National Park and meal at the banquet for 17 runners.

Registration Policy

Total number of teams permitted for the 2024 Cabot Trail Relay will be 70.

All registration applications must be in my hands by end of the day Sunday January 7 2024.

After registration closes, we will be drawing 45 teams from a hat.
All registration forms sent by our Jan 7 deadline will be in the hat.
There will be one hat, not a NS hat, NB hat, ON hat etc. One hat. From the remaining entries we will select 25 teams by consensus. Two members of the tech crew in Halifax and two members from the organizing committee in Baddeck will be responsible for this selection. This selection will be based on attempting to strike a balance based on the results of the 45 teams from the lottery.

We will use criteria similar to:

a. past race participation. Did a team not make the lottery that in the past has added some flavour to the race.
b. # of years in the relay. Did a team not make the lottery that has been in the race forever.
c. provide a balance of teams geographically. We want teams from everywhere.
d. New teams. We want to see a mix of old and new.
e. Who was on the waiting list in the previous years race.
f. How many teams have five (5) or more runners from the previous years race who had a DNF.

This is not carved in stone. We will do as we have done in the past and try to strike a fair and reasonable balance. There has not been in the past and will not be in the future behind the scenes deals or politics. Just as fair a selection as we can. Trust me I don’t lie, I’m an engineer.

After the 45 from the lottery and 25 by selection have been chosen the remaining teams will be placed on a waiting list. This will form the waiting list for the selection of any additional teams beyond 70. The 70 lucky teams and teams on the waiting list teams will be posted on the web page before the end of January.

  • We are not trying to come off as difficult here, but we are very fortunate to have a very popular race with only limited entries. So, start to organize your teams and good luck with registration.

Refund Policy

If a team withdraws prior to the final balance being due on March 15, they will receive a full refund. Teams who withdraw between March 15-April 15 will receive an initial 50% refund. The remaining 50% will only be refunded if a substitute team is found. Teams who withdraw after April 15 will receive no refund, regardless of whether a substitute team is found.

If there are any questions, just drop us an e-mail at

Regards, Race Organizing Committee

Here are the necessary forms for registrants