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CTRR2020 is Cancelled.
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  • Due to COVID-19 we have decided to cancel the 2020 Cabot Trail Relay Race.
    We would like to make it clear that we have chosen not to postpone the event, and therefore the Cabot Trail Relay will not be happening again until May 29-30, 2021. Many other events have already been rescheduled, and we do not feel we would be able to find a good time to hold this race without interfering with another amazing event held in Cape Breton, or in the Maritimes in general.

    In regards to this years’ teams, all will be refunded the full registration fee of $1600. Furthermore, all teams will be carried over to next years’ race. However, if teams want to hold their place in the race they will still have to go through the registration process come fall, because things can change between now and then. This goes for the wait list as well. If all 70 teams reclaim their spots then the waitlist will remain. If all spots are not reclaimed we will fill them with the wait list in the order that has already been assigned.

    We would like to thank first responders, nurses, doctors, hospital staff, cashiers, pharmacists, construction workers, and anyone else who is working at this time.

Now, wash your hands, stay inside, and lets flatten that curve so we can come back and have a great race in 2021!

-CTRR Organizing Committee